SALT's Corporate Program

SALT Assessments

Talent measurement is not working in a majority of organizations around the world. More than 75% of companies do not have an objective talent measurement system. The challenges are many -

  • Talent measurement is unavoidably complex
  • It is hard to know "what works"
  • Methodologies used do not meet business objectives
  • Talent measurement systems fail in implementation
  • Business lacks the expertise

When it comes to external hiring or internal deployment, two things are common - assessments are not linkable to performance and the hiring boss is the assessment algorithm. The SALT Assessment system has been specifically designed to address these issues. It is proven to be valid and link directly to job performance and ultimately to the organization's business results.

SALT Assessment is anchored in the 4567 Framework.

  • Measures 4 types of knowledge
  • Perform 5 doing activities
  • Spans 6 cognitive levels
  • Designed across 7 levels of autonomy (SFIA)

Technical competencies and behavioral emotional fluency each roughly constitute half the assessments and cover over 50 competence areas.

Aptitude Test

SALT has developed assessments tailored to gauge the aptitude of recruits for roles and career in software quality and testing. Research shows that one of the most reliable predictor of on the job success is aptitude.


1 in 3 employers in geographies across the world are unable to find talent with all the necessary skill sets. Engagement levels among high performing employees have fallen dramatically essentially squandering the organization's talent potential. The target of most organizations in quest of sustainable success is high performers who are also high potential. Research reveals that in global 1000 companies, this group is hardly 15% of the entire workforce, down by almost 50% in the last 7 years. Traditional models fail to fill the bench with ready successors. Recruiting appears unlikely to fill the gap, hiring managers report find the quality of hire down 10% in the last 5 years. SALT Skilling Interventions fulfill the need for both talent for today as well as tomorrow. This talent is well honed and aligned for high performance, consistently. Further, SALT drives tester productivity through facilitating manager led development.

SALT Methods

SALT leverages the latest teaching methods and innovations to suit the unique learning needs of each individual and align it to high performance. A glimpse of the SALT model -

  • Inverted Curriculum - Doing last things first
  • Experiential Approach - Hands-on, experience based approach. 80% doing and reflection, 20% theory, reading and discussion
  • Spiral Mode of Problem Solving - Doing the same topics later with gradual increase in complexity
  • Constructivism - Learning process which allows a student to experience an environment first-hand, thereby, giving the student reliable, trust-worthy knowledge
  • "Learning based learning" - A SALT innovation for design of Learning Outcome (LO) of any skilling program. The LOs are based on real world learning

SALT's Offerings for the Corporate Program

  • Day 1 Readiness Program (for freshers)
  • Outcome Orientation (of the testing workforce)
  • High Performance Workforce Development and Transformation
  • Assistance for just-in-time Recruitment