SALT's Candidate Program

What you learn in college is largely knowledge centric. The companies that you would like to work in, would like you to immediately start performing work with the least amount of training and orientation. Unfortunately, this is anything but simple, contrary to what may appear. Currently, the wait time to get freshers to perform to customer benchmarks is 3 to 6 months at least. Companies are no longer willing to carry this cost. SALT has designed and developed programs to bridge this gap and make the individuals with degrees in select disciplines fully "employable" before they set foot on the employer's campus. With tons of first hand industry experience and expertise from around the world, these programs are aimed at making you "billable from day 1". As graduates you will be trained in the latest work practices, processes, approaches, do's & don'ts, procedures, best practices, methods, tools and techniques. Everything in simulated, real-life customer project environments, with hands-on practice. The applications you work on are representative of the many categories of applications in deployment in corporate settings worldwide.

SALT's Offerings for the Candidate Program

  • Employability Assessment
  • Training
    • Industry Oriented Skilling
      • Software Testing Fundamentals + Basic Soft Competencies
      • Software Testing Beyond Fundamentals + Advance Soft Competencies
      • Test Automation Fundamentals
      • Test Automation Beyond Fundamentals
    • Familiarization on real-life project situations
    • Professionally accepted behavioral standards
  • Placement Acceleration